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Mandy’s story…

Ever since seeing your Facebook site I wanted to do something as I thought it was such a great charity to get off the ground and extremely needed.

My personal story is that my parents separated when I was about eight or nine and I went through life unknowingly feeling unloved as my father just left. I didn’t recognise this until separating from my husband and the children’s dad in 2019. I have a very close relationship with my mum and stepdad now.  Me and the kids moved out literally a month before Covid hit! So like many it’s been a very tricky couple of years, dealing with the separation, Covid, home education and two children. A full year of counselling made me recognise so many issues that I’ve had throughout my life.

I believe any intervention you can offer young ones to help someone recognise things before they manifest then I think that’s a good thing and would like to encourage that where I can.I feel very excited and pleased that I have had the chance to donate to a charity that is serving the young people in this community and helping them to cope with the difficulties we all have to face in life sometimes.